World is Soccer

Monday, June 11, 2012

Euro 2012 is beginning and what have we done? It would be an unpredictable race for the European crown. Anything could happen on this European Championship. There are few teams that a way better than the others. But football recently has showed that sometimes the quality is not enough. It is all about the willing, the attitude and 99% chance. Spain is the reigning Champions, but who will be the 2012 Euro winners. The soccer fever is spreading all over the world. People will wake up and go to the beds with the results from the tournament. It is time for the summer vacation, and you already know where and how to spend your spare time. World will stop turning for almost one month. You will follow the news about your favorite teams and players. You can see the kids playing football in the neighborhood identifying themselves with the football heroes. Many fans around the world will keep their breath, like waiting for a miracle to happen. The people will forget about politics and economics for a month. Anything could happen. You could ever become a champion with your team, playing your favorite video game. Your kid might miss a penalty kick in the schoolyard shootout. Your friend would go to an English pub with a Dutch shirt. World is soccer. You can sense it, there is something in the air. It is like the silence before the first whistle. One half of the world will celebrate all day long the football fest. Others will get bored and trying to hide from the hot and football fanatics. And some people will be rubbing their hands tasting the dividends from the football spectacles. Football is now or never. Are you going to get in the game?


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