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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Football, some say is a very simple sport. But all the strategies could be blown off by the chance and inspiration of players. Many teams relay on single individuals to put the final touch in a difficult game. Soccer is not the same game (or maybe it is) like it used to be years ago. Decades ago people could name two or three teams that were capable to achieve something in tournaments like Euro 2012. We all know the names of the past heroes, which have become part of the football history. Today soccer is much different (is it?!). Small and modest teams take part in the major tournaments. They win their places by strong team play and self confidence. We still remember the European title of Greece eight years ago. Euro 2012 has its own heroes and disappointments. But one name is the talk of the day, Balotelli. The Italian player has very unpredictable character and it reflects on his play. Sometimes he shines like a star, other times he is somewhere in the middle. But on Euro 2012 he is the real star. The African born forward has traced the Italian road to the final. Italians have mixed feelings about his player. His temper has cost him a lot of troubles in his football career, as for his personal life. Undoubtedly, Balotelli could be considered as a genius. He is capable to turn the match in any direction. If he has a day, or just feels good in his shoes, Spain will have troubles. If Italy will not start the final match in good way, Balotelli will show his bad temper. We are waiting impatiently for nice football and great things from the teammates in Manchester City- Silva and Balotelli. Tonight is the right time for show time. And you can be sure that 22 players will present the football as it has to be.


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