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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Serie A used to be the most televised championship in the world of sports. Today we see a lot of changes going on in the Italian football in general. Since the ` calciopoli` scandal, many fans started to ignore the matches from Serie A. But some of the Italian teams made a significant progress in Europe, while teams like Milan and Juventus were sent in the lower divisions. Inter was the biggest winner from this hiatus, as the team from Milano won the European Champions League. But unlike many Italian teams, Inter had many foreign players and most of all- a foreign coach. Some of the fans are joking that Inter could be the best team in the world ever if the other two major Italian teams- Milan and Inter disappear at once.
Other teams like Napoli and Fiorentina recorded memorable matches in the European tournaments. Napoli almost made it through the final of the last year`s Champions League, but they were defeated by the future champions from Chelsea. This year the both teams made a good start in the Italian championship and are chasing the new `old` leaders from Juventus. This unusual ranking is possible, due to the worst start of the Milan teams in the past years. Both teams are not even close to the leaders even they have good quality players.
Juventus is looking forward for another major title, as the team is leading the Italian championship. The team made a good start in the Champions league also. Juventus surprised the reigning champions from Chelsea and the Italians showed great team spirit. This year the Turin team looks unstoppable and they will get probably another Italian title. The team is one of the hidden favorites for the Champions League as well. Juventus could be the pioneers of the New Italian Football.


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