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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

English Premier is one of the best leagues in the world. The fame and success of the Premiership is unbeaten. The English clubs have become important part of the modern European football. England is famous with its unique club tradition and violent fans. The tradition and the fans have changed a lot during the past decades. Now the British Islands see the best football and players they have ever seen.
England`s tradition in soccer started more than a century ago with the oldest club tournament- the FA Cup. It is unpredictable and very interesting part of the England history of football. Many Premiership teams have exited the tournament, beaten by lower leagues` teams. That’s why the English football is so interesting. There are certain favorites, but all teams struggle from the first to the last minutes of the matches.

Football is not the same anymore. Money is the matter, but sometimes there are thing more important than the money, such as club history and pride. The English teams got it all. They have the unique history and way to prepare their players to fight for every inch of the field. Many players cannot survive in the fast, ever changing environment, called English Premier League. One of the notable examples is the leading of the French Championship- Marouane Chamakh. He was one of the biggest disappointments of the past season. He, like many others players could not manage to adapt to the faster soccer, played in England.
English clubs are for the strongest players, devoted to the game and their teams. Premier League is the best League, mostly because of the footballers who participate in the tournament. The British stadiums have become must-see places and people from all around the world visit the lions` dens. The English football is more than a sport, it is a culture and way of life. 


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